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MODERN, approach with fabulous ideas and good inspirations in creating a perfect culinary space for every homeowner in Cambodia is our dedication and commitment to you.

Our custom cabinetry, complete design and remodeling solution satisfied the most sophisticated minds. Quality is the key to make this happen.

KITCHEN, a sentimental place with fond memories of my mom’s great cooking, always gathers the joy of a reunion of families and friends when we congregated over a warm homely meal. Today’s technology advancement and new inventions have revolutionized our kitchen environment and cooking method. Families can enjoy more quality time together and your “Gourmet” culinary skills will impressed all your friends.

BOUTIQUE, defined as a capable, exclusive business with customized services, offer you the best of design and product, your kitchen, your kitchen can ever showcase. This is the lifestyle belonging to you, the elite of our times.

MODERN KITCHEN BOUTIQUE bring to you international renowned brands like “Ariston, Blomberg, Rubine, that offer the highest quality and expectation of your kitchen’s needs.